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1. Hypnotherapy
As a professional hypnocounselor, I work with individuals using a variety of techniques to achieve desired behavioral changes, treat mental and physical disorders, assist with personal growth, as well as enhancement of existing talents and skills. Hypnotherapy can be utilized on its own or as a complementary treatment.

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Many people have preconceived ideas about hypnosis, either from movies or their own imaginations. These ideas are often very different from reality. Simply stated, hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility. An individual is not asleep during hypnosis, nor are they out of control, and are at times surprised to realize upon conclusion of a session that they can remember things they heard during hypnosis. A hypnotherapist cannot make an individual do or say anything they don’t want to say or do. Unless an individual’s intention is to prove the suggestions received during hypnosis will not work, most will be influenced by the suggestions and achieve desired results despite the fact that they were not unconscious and can remember things that were said during a session. Hypnosis is relaxing, pleasant, and effective.

Hypnotherapy can also be used for:
Stress Reduction
Relief from Phobias
Memory Recall
Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Creativity / Productivity
Sports Enhancement
Healthy Pregnancy and natural delivery
Surgery – pre/post/quicker recovery
Past Life Regression

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2. Reiki
As a certified Reiki practitioner, I offer Reiki healing treatment in my office and can provide remote or distance Reiki with no participation needed from the recipient. Reiki can be used on its own or as a complementary treatment, as it does not interfere with other physical or mental health treatments.

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Reiki is a natural form of energy healing that is very relaxing to receive. Reiki provides healing to the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki can be used to aid in clearing chakra blockages, consequently boosting creativity and natural energy. Reiki can bring about a greater sense of emotional balance, peace, and joy.

3. Reiki Training and Certification – Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner
As a certified Reiki Master/Teacher I provide the training and attunements needed to become a Reiki practitioner. I offer Level I, II, III, with Master Level training and attunements. There is a rising interest in and growing need for natural healing. I will train and attune to whatever level an individual is seeking.

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I offer individual training and can accommodate group training. Training schedules are personalized and can be held weekdays, evenings, and also weekends. Length of training varies based training schedule.


Anyone who desires to heal deserves to heal. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Everyone deserves a life of love and joy. My professional approach to healing and helping others is one of love, compassion, and a genuine enthusiasm for life. I want to help anyone who desires to heal.

To offer healing and training to as many people as possible! I am working to help give people the freedom to live a life of health and joy beyond anything they thought possible.

My personal journey through healing with Hypnotherapy:
At the time I started my training in hypnotherapy, I had been symptomatic with (what is now called) fibromyalgia for 31 years. All of the disorders, and symptoms I suffered from due to fibromyalgia are almost too many to list. The most chronic and painful were widespread pain, debilitating migraines, and muscle spasms to the point of muscle dystonia. I had tried many different treatments and therapies with little to no results, and certainly no lasting results. Not long into hypnotherapy course work, I realized I could receive hypnotherapy for pain and symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. My first hypnotherapy session was on June 29, 2017. The results I received from hypnotherapy were so apparent that when the orthopedic doctor who had been treating me for years walked into the room for my July 2017 appointment, he immediately told me I looked great and asked me “what did you do?” I told him I received hypnotherapy. With my orthopedic doctor’s guidance, I discontinued many medications and drastically reduced others. I discontinued the treatments for chronic migraines I had been receiving every three months. Now, this same orthopedic doctor recommends his patients see me for hypnotherapy as part of their pain management. Seeing is believing, living is even better!


Erin Krajewski, C.Ht. earned her certification in hypnotherapy at the Institute of Hypnotherapy, Edison, NJ September 2017. She became and remains a registered member of the International Hypnosis Federation. Erin opened A HypnoCenter For Healing in Tinton Falls NJ October 2017 and has been a hypnocounselor there since.

Reiki Master/Teacher
Erin received her certification in the Dr. Usui System of Natural Healing 1st and 2nd-degree Reiki, and 3rd-degree training, from Sophia Hansen of the Integrative Wellness Institute, Pasadena, CA the summer of 2016, and has been practicing in person and remote Reiki healings since. Erin included Reiki in her healing practice at A HypnoCenter For Healing, in Tinton Falls, NJ upon its opening. Erin went on to receive her Master level Reiki certification in NJ on June 3rd of 2018 and has since provided training and attunements at her healing center.

Minister/Spiritual Guide
Erin became an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church July 2018 after being asked to officiate a friend’s wedding. Erin believes anyone who wishes to be joined in a union of love deserves to be and takes great joy in facilitating the ceremony of this union. As an intuitive spiritual guide, Erin has been offering spiritual guidance to those who've requested it for many years considering it an honor and privilege.

Erin Krajewski, C.Ht.
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